NBA Fans Calls Out Patrick Beverley Because He Flexed On His Birthday After Becoming A Laker.

NBA fans are not content with Patrick Beverley setting up a luxurious birthday celebration and celebrating turning into a piece of the Los Angeles Lakers.

 Patrick Beverley is now knocking some people's socks off as an individual from the Los Angeles Lakers. 

While the 33-year-privileged has been in LA previously, it was as an individual from the less-fabulous LA Trimmers. 

Presently, Beverley not just will play with a previous tutor like LeBron James, yet he likewise will play for the LA establishment that is tied for the most titles in NBA history, the Lakers.

Beverley has previously offered incredibly disputable remarks about his worth to the Lakers, saying that he isn't eager to play with LeBron James,

 and Anthony Davis since they didn't make the end of the season games last season while Beverley did with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Regardless of whether he hasn't shown it in specific meetings, Beverley is thankful to be back in LA and on the Lakers.

 He had a Laker-themed birthday celebration, with an enormous Lakers cake for his visitors.